of the Nevada City Rancheria


Letters of Support

Please take a few moments to support the Tribe by printing, signing, and returning three letters. One letter is for Nevada County residents or organizations to address to their county Supervisor. Two letters are for California Residents to address to our Senators. Demonstrating local support is a critical step in the Tribe's campaign to restore their Federal recognition.

Completed letters should be mailed to:

P.O. Box 2624
Nevada City, CA


Instructions for Nisenan
Letters of Support
(1 page; 76.4 KB) PDF

This document provides instructions
for all letters of support.

Support Letter to County
Supervisor from Resident
(1 page; 32.54 KB) PDF


Support Letters to Senators
from Resident
(2 pages; 53.85 KB) PDF


Support Letter to Supervisor
from Organization
(1 page; 41.29 KB) PDF


Support Letters to Senators
from Organization
(2 pages; 56.54 KB) PDF



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